Love, Peace and a New Design

This year, the Geislinger Kulturherbst (“Cultural Autumn” staged in Geislingen an der Steige) is centered around the ’68 movement. 50 years ago, a whole new kind of culture was created: from flower power through revolutionary dreams, civil rights and women’s movement – no stone was left standing. This year, the ’68 spirit is transported also by the fresh design in crisp colors from Schaefer Design – posters, banners, flyers, cinema advertising … The previous layout was completely refurbished while remaining fully in line with the tradition of the Geislinger Kulturherbst.

Clearly and transparently – in any case …

… and for each case: This is how the new homepage of Dr. med. Ulrich Volk in Geislingen an der Steige is presented. The transparent homepage also reflects the philosophy of the general practitioner with an eye for the overall picture: making all medical services available to all patients. This transparency has been worked out with the new homepage created by Schaefer Design – the clearly structured pages are easy to understand despite of the contents, which in part are of professional nature. The News area of the homepage can be updated by the medical assistants with just a few clicks.

A “Plus" in Terms of Product and Service

this is what Brugg Lifting, the quality manufacturer of wire ropes, lashing and lifting gear, offers its customers. For the new edition the product catalogue COMPACT+ has been revised by schaeferdesign, and a variety of products was added to it. All products, services and technical information are shown in a clear, detailed and concise way on more than 400 pages, in a handy DIN A 6 size with index cutting.

Brugg Lifting

“Here I am right in the middle“

is the motto of the Michelberg-Gymnasium. This Geislingen-based high school offers comprehensive learning opportunities and a diverse range of activities, enabling its students to enjoy a vivid and realistic learning environment. To highlight these features on the new Internet presence, schaeferdesign put special emphasis on presenting this diversity and providing a clearly structured user-friendly navigation. Active elements such as the 360° image also serve to highlight the school’s motto.

Michelberg-Gymnasium . 360° Aufnahme

Brugg Lifting PVS

A clear overview

of their lashing & lifting gear is always ensured for the customers of Brugg Lifting due to the product management software which has been tried and tested for many years. schaeferdesign managed the thorough revision of the software which now provides a modern, fresh design and a clearer navigation. In addition, the software now features the pioneering NFC technology and an app for operation of the software also on mobile devices.

Brugg Lifting

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