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A radiant smile

is given to dental patients by Hilber and Volk dentists, who are committed to providing best services to their clients. That’s why they offer a modern and individual dentistry for their clients’ well-being. In order to convey these aspects to clients, schaeferdesign has designed a modern and fresh appearance of the practice logo, equipment and online presence realized as one-page website.


Albrecht Präzision

It is all about details.

and highly precise assemblies – this is what ALBRECHT PRÄZISION stands for.
With a fresh design, some clear user navigation and an appealing imagery, schaeferdesign has created a contemporary web presence for the forward-looking company. Moreover, at ALBRECHT PRÄZISION knowledge and best practice go hand in hand: the company attaches particular importance to the training and further education of its staff. This commitment is particularly underlined and supported by the likeable imagery of the website.

Albrecht Präzision


The success of the students is the destination

of the commercial vocational school of Geislingen – with its wide range of further training opportunities the school opens up many ways for a successful start into the working life. Therefore, when realizing the new web presence, schaeferdesign focused on a maximum user-friendliness and a modern, contemporary design. The integrated content management system (CMS) enables the teachers and students to independently manage pages, news and image galleries – at any time and at any place.

Gewerbliche Schule Geislingen

A guaranteed all-round view

is provided by the online portal where specialists can individually present their entire know-how. The modern and clearly arranged redesign of the portal by schaeferdesign enables companies to present themselves in every detail. Everybody can now find a preferred specialist due to the intuitive user interface developed by schaeferdesign, providing a convenient and quick search for suppliers and tenders. In addition, the portal provides an overview of current trade fair dates and comprehensive information about the construction sector.

Spektrum Bau

Brugg Lifting

Practice-orientation, intuitive handling and efficiency

is provided by the software solutions of AGIL Software GmbH in the area of personnel services. Therefore, when realizing the web presence, schaeferdesign has focused on user-friendliness and clear structures, enabling interested parties and prospective buyers to quickly and easily get information about the innovative software solutions from AGIL which come to the fore through a modern and minimalist design enhanced by a likeable imagery.

Agil Software

Auras Pumpen

Equipped for toughest conditions

is the manufacturer of high-quality submersible dirty water and sewage pumps for professional applications. schaeferdesign has developed an appealing and modern corporate identity with company logo, business stationary, sales documents and a web presence with integrated online shop providing a high level of user-friendliness.

Auras Pumpen

Brugg Lifting

To make a good thing even better

is what the manufacturer of high-quality architectural ropes from Switzerland intended with its practical rope configurator. In order to add an even more innovative and more efficient design to the online portal for users, schaeferdesign has substantially improved the configurator. The clear division of the applications and the more intuitive navigation provides a significantly better user experience. The online shop now appears in a fresh and above all easy-going design – matching the overall presence of the company.

Brugg Lifting


Learning from nature.

Using insects as a model, Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems has developed a method for the nanostructured antireflection coating of surfaces. In order to present the information about the research work vividly and transparently, schaeferdesign has designed a plain and appealing web presence in the form of a one-page website.


Helfenstein Gymnasium

Collaborative learning and working

is the objective of the school community at the Helfenstein-Gymnasium (high school). To ensure that teachers, students, and other stakeholders are always informed about the current school life, schaeferdesign has realized a fresh, modern and above all structured web presence with an appealing imagery. The website can be easily maintained via a content management system enabling both teachers and students to keep the website up-to-date.

Helfenstein Gymnasium

Brugg Lifting

World-class plating technology

is the motto of the specialist for gold-plating and galvanic surface plating abiding by which schaeferdesign has realized a modern and CD-compliant web presence with expressive imagery and descriptive texts.

Probas Plating

Scharpf Treppen

Tailor-made complete solutions

for stair constructions are the result of the advisory and realization services provided by the family business based on the Swabian Mountains. schaeferdesign has designed the website of the company with a clear structure meeting most diverse customer requirements, with the integrated content management enabling Scharpf to offer a maximum up-to-dateness.

Scharpf Treppen


Efficient learning

in a healthy and positive learning and working environment is offered by the Business School in Geislingen. schaeferdesign has realized the new website to provide much information on the school and a clear structure of its educational programs; attractive images have added an inviting atmosphere.
A content management system enables the teachers and students to independently manage their pages and to keep them up-to-date.

Kaufmännische Schule Geislingen

20150909 brugg app

Mobile assistance

for tie-down and diagonal lashing of loads is offered by the Brugg Lashing App 3.0 which has been newly designed and realized by schaeferdesign for the Swiss company.
Including automatic speech recognition for DE, EN, FR, IT, adapted to the systems iOS & Android and providing extended calculation options, the App offers its users greater safety and comfort.

Brugg Drahtseil AG - iOS . Android


A maximum choice

within a clear, elegant styling is offered by the producer for exquisite cutlery and table accessories to its customers. schaeferdesign has realized the web presence and online shop of the company with a maximum ease-of-use, attractive pictures, concise texts and a clear structure.

Puresigns GmbH


Active and individual encouragement

is offered to pupils by the SBBZ Pestalozzischule Geislingen, a special needs school. schaeferdesign therefore focused on a specifically colorful design when realizing the website – optimally presenting the colorful life at the school in all its facets online. The modern and clear structure provides a comprehensive and convenient overview of the diverse range of school activities. A content management system (CMS) makes it easy to manage and maintain the web presence.

Pestalozzischule Geislingen

20150909 ssrg 200

A better quality of life

for older people in their city is one of the objectives pursued by the Senior Council in the city of Geislingen an der Steige. schaeferdesign has realized the website for the Council with a maximum level of usability. The detailed information was systematized, presented in fresh colors and made easily accessible.

Stadtseniorenrat Geislingen e.V.

Fakler Homepage

Feel comfortable

in their skin, this is what the dermatologist Dr. Josef W. Fakler from Geislingen wants his patients to experience. The extensive range of diagnostics, therapies and cosmetic treatments is presented in an informative, appealing and clearly structured way on the website newly designed by schaeferdesign.

Dermatological Practice of Dr. med. Dr. biol. hum. Josef W. Fakler

20141120 stewe hp 200px

Lateral thinking

is the motto of the successful manufacturer of precision products based in Merklingen, in the heart of the Swabian Jura. Following this principle, schaeferdesign has designed the website for the company dressed in an extraordinary outfit with a clear visual language and pithy texts.

Stewe Sondermaschinen und Werkzeuge GmbH

20150314 Raetsche HP 200

Rätsche Refresh No. 1

Creating a contemporary look and meeting today’s user needs was the requirement for the design of the new web pages for the Geislingen cultural Association (Kulturverein). schaeferdesign has realized the web presence compatible for use by smartphones & tablets providing many new features like selection of programs by category, simple ticket booking, visitor login with order history and virtual visitors’ book.


Sibylle Mayer Wellnesslounge

A short break

is what the treatments offered by the Sibylle Mayer Wellnesslounge in Geislingen are like. The broad spectrum of services offered by the studio has been visualized by schaefer design in an appealing colorful and clearly structured homepage, which complements the image brochure, business cards, vouchers and bonus cards designed by schaefer design to the effect that they express the personality and qualification of Sibylle Mayer.

Sibylle Mayer Wellnesslounge

20140904 biegert hp 200px

Health and vitality

are promised by the energetic therapies and massages offered by Sandra Biegert in Geislingen. schaeferdesign has designed the web presence of the studio with a clear layout and in an imagery that matches the origin of the offered methods of treatment and thus conveys an atmospheric Far Eastern touch.

Praxis Biegert

20140906 lsq hp 200px


and virtuoso are the attributes of the performances by the four female musicians from the Stuttgart area. In its appealing website design, schaeferdesign staged the diversity of the quartet underscored with music and a lot of pleasant pictures.

Ladies Swing Quartet

Gewerbepark Schwäbische Alb

We are already OnTop. How about You?

The profoundly promising and well situated businesspark Schwäbische Alb scores with TOP convincing arguments. In form of a website and local advertising displays, Schaefer Design sets these attributes congenially in focus.

Gewerbepark Schwäbische Alb


A reliable inspection

of X-ray equipment ensures safety and radiation protection, which has first priority for authorized experts for x-ray technology. schaeferdesign has designed a web presence for Grotzke with a modern outfit and a clear imagery offering a reliable communication with interested parties.


Brugg Lifting

Always a step ahead

is the internationally successful company from Switzerland with its first-class products and innovative services. Therefore, it became necessary to put the web presence in a new light and to keep up with the times. With the redesign of the website, schaeferdesign has managed to add a fresh and modern appearance to the corporate presentation. The structured arrangement and the impressive imagery put the focus on the unique and innovative services.

Brugg Lifting


Impressive service.

The focus of this specialist for high-quality car body works and car painting is safety, visual appearance and esthetics. To keep Breitenbach’s message to the point, schaeferdesign has realized a modern structured web presence in the form of a one-page website with an impressive imagery.


Brugg Drahtseil AG

An exquisite corporate design

has been added by schaefer design to the globally successful Swiss company by realizing the new Brugg homepage in Responsive Web Design. With its user-friendly design, its clear structure of the contents and the Joomla-based CMS, the website has become an excellent portal.

Brugg Drahtseil AG

Otto Schmid

A wide range of services from one source

around heating, sanitary facilities, tinsmith, sheet metal and stainless steel constructions is provided by Otto Schmid to his customers. schaeferdesign designed the website for the workshop from Amstetten-Bräunisheim in a clearly differentiated structure and with an appealing meaningful imagery.

Otto Schmid

Wehle Hartlöttechnik GmbH

The Colors of Fire

visualize the core competencies of the tradition-steeped supplier of brazing joints based in Amstetten-Schalkstetten in the Swabian mountains. schaeferdesign designed the new appearance of the company under this motto, adding a striking outfit of a consistently modern touch and thus a high degree of recognition to company logo, homepage, image flyer, business cards and business letters.

Wehle Hartlöttechnik GmbH

20141120 ysio hp 200px

Maximum fit

is what patients will gain in the modern revitalization center Amstetten . schaeferdesign has created an appealing homepage for the resident practice for physiotherapy & prevention, in fresh colors and with clearly structured information for patients on the comprehensive service offering. Physiotherapie Prävention

Michelberg-Gymnasium Geislingen

A completely new paint

has been added by schaeferdesign to the web presence of the Michelberg-Gymnasium in Geislingen based on the appealing green of the school building facade. The highly functional programming using the Joomla-based CMS enables the school webmasters to easily and quickly publish all news – with the users being kept up-to-date!

Michelberg-Gymnasium Geislingen

Förderverein für die Fachschulen der Galvano- und Leiterplattentechnik Schwäbisch Gmünd e.V

Promotion of young talents

in the electroplating and printed circuit industry is what the booster club based in Schwäbisch Gmünd pursues. schaeferdesign has optimized the club’s website using the Joomla-based CMS, a clear navigation structure, a target group-specific bundling of information, an online registration tool and a practical illustration.

Förderverein für die Fachschulen der Galvano- und Leiterplattentechnik
Schwäbisch Gmünd e.V

Helfenstein Gymnasium Geislingen


A rejuvenated face, a most modern outfit and a maximum of usability as added by schaeferdesign to the website of the Helfenstein Gymnasium in Geislingen – clearly structured, appealing, with a practical calendar of events, useful links and above all a Joomla-based CMS, which enables the students to administer most parts of their pages on their own in their dedicated website project group.

Helfenstein Gymnasium Geislingen

Brugg Drahtseil AG

The full load

of security is provided by the App for tie-down and diagonal lashing of loads which was conceived and realized by schaeferdesign. Functions for calculating the number of lashing systems, the lashing angle, etc., and for retrieving useful tips in a flash make the App an indispensable aid and bestseller in the industry, as is demonstrated by comments made by satisfied users: “Practicable” and “first-class”!

Brugg Drahtseil AG - iOS . Android

Webis GmbH

Acting in concert

is what the team of webis does when providing consulting services to its clients. So, schaeferdesign also acted in concert with webis in designing the Internet presence of webis – designed in a clear language with appropriate photos and enabling webis to easily administer the download area on its own.

Webis GmbH

Dr.-Ing. Max Schlötter GmbH & Co. KG

Visions resulting from tradition

and from worldwide success are a hallmark of the electroplating specialist headquartered in Geislingen. This message was concisely expressed by schaeferdesign when designing the company’s Internet presence. The clear structure and appealing user interface make the navigation through the amount of information a mere pleasure.

Dr.-Ing. Max Schlötter GmbH & Co. KG

Bilderwerkstatt Geislingen

Digital art images

Whenever he is on his way in his home town Geislingen an der Steige or is travelling around, the artist Wolfgang Binder is inspired to create art images of his surroundings. schaeferdesign has programmed the artist’s website using the Joomla-based CMS (Content Management System), which provides the works of art with a discreetly designed framework that allows the fascinating images to tell their own tale.

Bilderwerkstatt Geislingen

Brugg Drahtseil AG

Unique arrangements

are facilitated by the practical rope configurator of the Swiss manufacturer of elevator ropes. Applying state-of-the-art know-how, schaeferdesign conceived and realized the Online Shop in which the entire product portfolio is presented in a clear structure with all possible variations and orders for products can be easily placed.

Brugg Drahtseil AG

Brugg Drahtseil AG

Always up-to-date

is what the customers of Brugg Lifting are due to a practical Online Product Administration System. schaeferdesign developed the browser-based software which provides the complete range of slings, all product details as well as upcoming and previous inspection dates and records with just one click.

Brugg Drahtseil AG

Georg Mack GmbH & Co. KG

Precision landing no. 2

Making products and services visible at a glance was the objective when designing the website of the metal-processing company. Using detailed photos in connection with clear data and facts, schaeferdesign has developed an Internet presence which perfectly combines competence, tradition and modernity.

Georg Mack GmbH & Co. KG

A colorful bouquet

of megabytes in the form of a well-designed website has been provided by schaeferdesign to the florist. Accentuated by impressive photos, the pages produce a harmonious overall picture and a clearly structured insight into the varied range of products and services from the world of plants.

Ströhle Blumen

SMA Racing

The pole position

had been secured by schaeferdesign when the contract for the website design was awarded by the model maker based in Amstetten. The well-structured website offers a large choice of motorcycle, vehicle and custom-made special parts together with an illustrative image gallery and a practical ordering portal.

SMA Racing

20131214 amstetten hp 200px

Its most beautiful sites

zare shown by the community of Amstetten on its website designed by schaeferdesign. The website, which is accentuated by photographic impressions, informs about everything which the communal life offers and provides useful data on local government, trade and industry, emergency services, as well as a local map.

Gemeinde Amstetten

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